About Us

Nifty Outsourcing is an Accounting & Medical Billing outsourcing company based in Lahore, the high tech business centre and an emerging destination for outsourcing in Pakistan.

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Leading Services from Nifty

We provide a wide variety of outsourcing solutions including Healthcare (US Medical Billing), Finance and Accounting, Back Office, and remote staff Services.

Medical Billing Solutions

Dedicated Remote Medical Billers.

Accounting & Bookkeeping

Qualified Remote Accountants.

Customer Calling Solutions

Expert & Fluent Call Representatives.

Remote Staff (Other Duties)

Highly qualified remote Staff (IT, Faxes, Documents, Other Duties)

Why choose us

Dedicated Low cost Remote Staff

Our staff members are not only certified & qualified, but are highly trained. We provide motivated remote staff to companies at a low cost that no other outsourcing companies can match.

Reliable & Secure Technological Infrastructure

Our office is supported by best technology and equipment with high speed internet connectivity, and UPS with backup power Generator.

Quality of Work

Quality is our top priority and we never compromise when it comes to quality. We always deliver to our clients what we promise to.

Data Security

We ensure compliance with US HIPPA law & other legislation for data security.We place great emphasis on security issues because we handle critical and confidential data.


We serve a number of industries, where we have developed deep domain expertise including: US Healthcare, Financial Outsourcing Services and other services industries.