Medical Billing Solutions

Hire remote Medical Billers expert on eClinicalWorks and Kareo

We have dedicated Remote staff offering you best medical billing services at unbeatable rates.

Our medical billers have proven track record in providing inclusive medical billing services flawlessly at unbeatable low rates, leading to significant cost savings.Nifty Outsourcing has a team of expert medical billers (HIPPA Certified) who can meet your medical billing needs at a fraction of cost what you currently spend. Whether you are a medium size medical billing company or a small provider office, we can provide full-scale medical billing services that can range from encounter verification & claim submission to managing entire billing process.

Start business with Nifty Outsourcing to benefit from:

  • Instant saving of up-to 35%
  • Hourly rate as low as $8.00
  • Accuracy and quality for each process & transaction
  • HIPPA Certified remote staff
  • Your office open & working 24X7


Our professional team of Medical Billers have a capacity to handle any size of workload.
We work with:

  • Small & medium size Medical Billing Companies
  • Provider Office
  • Healthcare organisations


Our services include:

  • Encounter Verification & insurance eligibility
  • Claim Submission (Electronic & paper based)
  • Insurance follow up
  • Denial Management & Rejection Handling
  • Payment Posting, EOB/ERA & Patient payments
  • Patient Statements generation.
  • Patient & Insurance Calling
  • Daily/Weekly & monthly reports


We serve a number of industries, where we have developed deep domain expertise including: US Healthcare, Financial Outsourcing Services and other services industries.