Remote Staff (Other Duties)

We provide a wide variety of other remote staff Services at unbeatable low cost.
Nifty Outsourcing has the team of IT professionals, Call representatives, & other staff who can meet your entire operational needs at a fraction of cost what you currently spend, leading to significant cost savings.

Start business with Nifty Outsourcing to benefit from:

  • Instant saving of up-to 35%
  • Hourly rate as low as $7.00
  • Accuracy and quality for each process & transaction
  • Your office open & working 24X7


Our services include:

Our dedicated team of remote staff have a capacity to handle any size of workload.

  • Customer/ Patient Calling Solutions (Inbound/Outbound)
  • Data entry solutions
  • IT Solutions
  • Faxes, Documents & account maintenance
  • Other duties (On demand)


We work with:

  • Small & medium businesses
  • Accounting firms & CPA’s
  • Medical Billing Companies
  • Healthcare Organizations


We serve a number of industries, where we have developed deep domain expertise including: US Healthcare, Financial Outsourcing Services and other services industries.